Letter from the President, Cindy Foster May 2018

Cindy Foster

Greetings and welcome aboard to new and returning members of our OLLI family. Our Curriculum Committee has fashioned a number of three-week courses as well as several one-day nature-exploring classes from which to choose. With topics ranging from jazz to architecture, from entertainment to journalism, and from yoga to the history of shade tobacco farming, we believe you will find rewarding learning opportunities this term. In addition, many of our clubs continue to meet during May and throughout the summer, as does the “OLLI Get Happy” social group. For up-to-date information, visit our website often to view our calendar and the “OLLI Times” newsletter.

OLLI is a member-centered organization, so Thank You to all the members who volunteer their time and talents in a multitude of ways to promote its goals. Members of OLLI’s Advisory Council – all volunteers – serve as your voice in shaping the manner in which we utilize university resources to customize exciting learning and social opportunities. Please share your ideas and suggestions with them. Your participation through input and feedback, is what drives OLLI.

When people talk about OLLI at FSU, three things come to mind: lifelong learning, lifelong friendships and endless opportunities. We look forward to your OLLI involvement this Maymester and in semesters beyond, as you enjoy the experiences we offer.


Advisory Council Voting Members

Name Title
Cindy Foster President
John Kilgore First Vice President
Harriet Waas Second Vice President
Sylvia Byrd Member Representative
JoAnn LaMaster Member Representatives, Westminster Oaks
Michael Dodson Member Representatives
Denise Zabelski-Sever Member Representatives
Karyn Hornick Member Representatives
Winnie Schmeling Co-Chair, Development Committee
Ruth Cates Co-Chair, Scholarships Committee
Nancy O'Farrell Co-Chair, Philanthropy/Scholarships Committee
Mary Irvine Chair, Volunteer Committee
Susan Yelton Chair, Curriculum Committee
John Van Gieson Co-Chair, Communications and 
Marketing Committee
Fran Conaway Co-Chair, Communications and 
Marketing Committee
Ramona Bowman Chair, Senior Leadership Advisory Council
Linda Fairbanks Chair, Succession Planning Committee
John Kilgore Chair, Membership Satisfaction Committee
Cindy Foster Chair, Special Interest Groups Committee

Special Interest Groups

Name Title
Susan Barnes Chair, Afternoon Book Club
Ramona Bowman Chair, Noon Book Club
Jan Smith Chair, Culture and Arts Activities
Randy Soule Chair, Field Trips
Frank Alarcon Co-Chair, Men's Group
Carroll Bewley Co-Chair, Men's Group
Karyn Hornick Chair, Walking Club
Harriet Waas Co-Chair, Travel Club
George Waas Co-Chair, Travel Club
Wendy Johnston Co-Chair, Friendship Force
Anita Olivier Co-Chair, Friendship Force
Laura Morris Chair, Spanish Club
Tom Pelham Chair, Writers' Group
Denise Zabelski-Sever Co-Chair, Social Committee
Joanne Taylor Co-Chair, Social Committee
Mary Irvine Co-Chair, Social Committee

Membership Board Non-Voting Members

Name Title
Debra Herman OLLI Executive Director
Jill Adams Recording Secretary
Legacy Sort
Legacy Priority
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