Gems from Our Members

Neither Dark of Pandemic nor Drear of Politics Stays OLLI from its Enlightening Course [s]

by Paula Walborsky, OLLI Member

 There needs to be a medal struck for the volunteers, instructors, and administrators who have guided us through this never-ending siege of Politics and Pandemic. When we were all sent home to our Hobbit Burrows it was about mid session of our Spring OLLI classes. We grabbed one another’s virtual hands and stepped onto the Zoom platform with greater and lesser results. But we did it. And since then we have gotten so much better at it. So much for the nonsense about old dogs and lying down with fleas. No. Wait.

In any case the earth has traveled once again around the sun and OLLI ‘s offerings for the Spring are just amazing. Tell me this doesn’t sound intriguing: Putin’s Russia; the Less You Know the Better You Sleep. Yikes. You can learn about music from the 20’s to the 70’s; Fla. History beginning in Reconstruction, which is going to dovetail into current political issues perfectly. A luthier will tell you the history, music, and construction of the guitar. Paris and several cities in Italy are the subject of two different classes. There are classes on 3D printing, Investing, and Coffee. We may be the last generation that can actually read a map. If your GPS dies you might want to take the one-day course Read a Map & Use a Compass. And I find that I have reverted to my old student ways: find an excellent instructor and take every course they offer. So: Geoffrey Thomas, Arleen Pabon, David Proctor, and Alan Romano are luring me into Classical Greek Architecture, History of Egypt, The Roman Empire, and the Evolution of Man. I cannot possibly take all I want to take and like a greedy child I am anguished that someone is learning really neat stuff while I am in another class. But my HOA took a vote and they would like me to leave time to bathe each day, no matter the social distance observance.

 Because OLLI is marvelously organized you can find not only a catalog online, but a link to OLLI’s showcase where each instructor presents a very brief overview of their class. Registration begins 1/28 and classes begin on 2/15. Costs are explained online and are, in my view, the best value for travel, entertainment, education, socialization. See you in class!