Letter from the President, Frank Alarcon April 2017

Frank Alarcon

When I hear someone refer to the month of May, I immediately think of the three M’s: Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and Maymester—not necessarily in that order!

Once again your OLLI volunteer leadership team and full-time professional staff are pleased to help you bridge the mild temperatures of the Spring to the heat of the Summer with another slate of interesting and varied three-week courses to stimulate your mind, body and spirit.

May is a great time to be outdoors and take in all the beauty the Big Bend area has to offer, and we have courses to assist you in that endeavor, including: “Attracting Birds to Your Yard”, “Nature Photography”, and a two day-long course on “Exploring the Ecology of the Big Bend”.

Travel to Italy is very popular among our membership, and this Maymester we offer courses on “Italian for Travelers”, “Discovering Italy Through Painting, Sculpture and Architecture”, and “Italian Regional Cooking”. Whether you plan to visit Italy anytime soon or not, many of you will enjoy learning more about Italian culture through these three-week classes.

Every month is a good month for understanding and improving our health, so May is not an exception. We are pleased to present Part II of “Right Care-Understanding the Evidence for What Works in Medicine” (attendance at Part I this Spring is not required to enroll in this class) and “Yoga to Keep Older Adults Healthy and Active”.

Now, if your idea for bridging the Spring to the Summer is to watch movies and drink beer, we thought of you, too! Check out “All the President’s Men and ME” and “Brewing a Sustainable Small Business: Exploring the Craft Beer Industry”. Don’t worry, they aren’t scheduled on the same day.

A big thank you to our Curriculum Committee, Susan Yelton, Carroll Bewley, Cindy Foster, Karen Bickley, JoAnn LaMaster, Deb Herman, Terry Aaronson (and me) for a job well done.

Have a great May and a wonderful Summer.

Membership Board Voting Members

Name Title
Frank Alarcon President
Cindy Foster First Vice President
John Kilgore Second Vice President
Sylvia Byrd Member Representative
JoAnn LaMaster Member Representative, Westminster Oaks
Harriet Waas Member Representative
Robin Brinkmeyer Member Representative
Kristine Lamont Member Representative
Winnie Schmeling Co-Chair, Philanthropy Committee
Ruth Cates Co-Chair, Scholarships Committee
Nancy O’Farrell Co-Chair, Philanthropy/Scholarships Committee
Mary Irvine Chair, Volunteer Committee
Susan Yelton Chair, Curriculum Committee
John Van Gieson Co-Chair, Communications and
Marketing Committee
Fran Conaway Co-Chair, Communications and
Marketing Committee
Ramona Bowman Chair, Senior Leadership Advisory Council
Linda Fairbanks Chair, Succession Planning Committee
John Kilgore Chair, Membership Satisfaction Committee
Cindy Foster Chair, Special Interest Groups Committee

Special Interest Groups

Name Title
Sara Pankaskie Chair, Afternoon Book Club
Ramona Bowman Chair, Noon Book Club
Jan Smith Co-Chair, Culture and Arts Activities
Lori McCort Co-Chair, Culture and Arts Activities
Charles Conaway Chair, Field Trips
Frank Alarcon Co-Chair, Men’s Group
Carroll Bewley Co-Chair, Men’s Group
Karyn Hornick Chair, Walking Club
Harriet Waas Co-Chair, Travel Club
George Waas Co-Chair, Travel Club
Wendy Johnston Co-Chair, Friendship Force
Anita Olivier Co-Chair, Friendship Force
Laura Morris Chair, Spanish Club
Tom Pelham Chair, Writers’ Group
Denise Zabelski-Sever Co-Chair, Social Committee
Joanne Taylor Co-Chair, Social Committee
Mary Irvine Co-Chair, Social Committee

Membership Board Non-Voting Members

Name Title
Debra Herman OLLI Executive Director
Harriet Waas Recording Secretary